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What is Sclerotherapy?

Before and After of Sclerotherapy

Before and After of Sclerotherapy

Cosmetic dermatologists have focused their efforts on reduction of the visible signs of aging, one of which can be the superficial veins in a patient’s legs.  Though unsightly, these veins, called spider veins and reticular veins, are generally not painful (the larger, painful veins are called varicose veins).

Luckily, physicians have perfected a simple treatment that minimizes the appearance of these veins called Sclerotherapy.  Sclerotherapy is a safe, effective and easy procedure for the treatment of unsightly veins in the legs.

Sclerotherapy has been used for more than 100 years, and is the proven and safe treatment for spider veins.  A medication is injected into the vessel, with an ultra fine needle, which causes it to close.  While there are other treatments out there, such as light and laser treatments, Sclerotherapy is most effective because the vein is treated from the inside out.  The procedure is minimally painful, and results can be dramatic.  Most patients will need 4-6 treatments per vessel, but every patient is different.  Patients are encouraged to walk after each treatment to help with circulation, but luckily there are no restrictions after each procedure so people can live their life as normal (and enjoy better-looking legs!).

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Kelly Swickard, Medical Assistant, Abbasi Dermatology

Spring Skincare Tips

As winter comes to an end and spring begins, the season welcomes change. But the transition of seasons is not at all friendly to our skin. As snow melts from the ground and gives way to lush and healthy green grass, our skin needs to discard dead surface skin cells that tend to build up during the cold, dry, and often unforgiving Michigan winters. Too frequently, people use harsh, abrasive methods for exfoliating their skin that cause more damage than good. Receiving a Glycolic Acid Treatment, or purchasing a Microdermabrasion or Clarisonic Cleansing Facial Brush are gentler, more effective ways to rid ourselves of our winter woes and get ready for spring with bright, glowing skin. All of these treatments can be used in sequence to create a skin rejuvenation plan.

A glycolic acid treatment is beneficial because it causes weakening of binding lipids that holds dead skin cells together. Firabbasi_eblast_april10st, the alpha hydroxy acid allows the skin’s top layer to be exfoliated, gently leaving a healthy glow. Next, use microdermabrasion, a technique that incorporates light vacuum suction with a diamond-tip wand that effortlessly removes away the impurities, so your skin immediately feels refreshed and smooth. Finally, the Clarisonic Facial Brush is an at-home device that brings the spa to you, every day. Using the Sonic Frequency Brush System gives the skin a deep cleanse in just 60 seconds! Remember that after we achieve the exfoliation process, it is strongly recommended that you moisturize the skin because it will hold and retain more water, resulting in a natural, dewy glow. ​

Start preparing your skin for spring with one or more of these helpful treatments. Your skin will thank you for the much-needed attention, and in return will hold its moisture, regain its natural color, and reflect a shine that is as fresh as spring.

Robyn Smith, aesthetician, Abbasi Dermatology